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Vijaybhasker Srinivas

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Project Manager and Program Coordinator,
Akshara Gurukulam, Hyderabad.
(a unit of Akshara Network for Development Support Services)
Responsibilities included design and delivery of long and short term programs, consultancy services in the fields of livelihoods and monitoring.
Team Leader - Field Unit,
APRPRP Process Monitoring,
Monitored the process of implementation of APRPRP project in 6 districts. Also helped the APDPIP process monitoring team with three other districts.
Consultant - M&E
APDPIP - Anantapur Project
Responsible for adapting and implementing M&E framework for the project, and the livelihoods initiatives. Played a role in achieving convergence among various programs.

Disciplined     Dauntless     Dependable